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Discussion in 'MINIs on the Dragon 9 (April 27 - May 1, 2011)' started by amberback, Mar 21, 2011.

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    Hey all! I've created a Google 'My Map' so that we can create a visual representation of where every one is coming from. Follow the link below, log into your Google account and you will be able to edit it and add yourself. (If you're confused how to edit it, check out this page for instructions: My Maps - Maps Help)

    Add your name/forum name and in the description section you can put what your car looks like.

    For privacy sake, I've made this map 'unlisted'. This means that it will not show up in google search results and you must have the direct link to access it. It is also set for 'open collaboration' so anyone who has the link can edit it.

    I've shared a map with you called MOTD 9 - April 2011:
    Google Maps
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    The quick and easy way to add yourself.

    When viewing the map click on the Edit button

    Drag the blue place marker that is now visible in the upper left of the map to your desired location. Fill out the block with info such as Name and MINI year and color.

    Click on Saved, then Done.

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