will 2013 mini s calipers, rotors and brakes fit 2004 s?

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    Its Saturday night and the dealer is closed so i am turning to you guys for advice. Will 2013 Mini Cooper S Calipers, Rotors and Brakes simpily slip on and work for a 2004 Mini Cooper S ??? A guy I met wants to sell me the whole set up BUT im not sure if it will work on mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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    Fronts: if you have 17" wheels, yes. If you have other sized wheels, maybe. Ideally you'll use custom brake lines with the right fitting on each end. The 2nd gen fronts are the same as 1st gen JCW brakes, without the red color.

    Rears: yes, but you'll need 2nd gen parking brake cables, and you'll need to make some minor mods to the rear trailing arms to make everything fit.

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