Win FREE oil change, CASTROl full synthetic ($75 value)!!

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    Hey Mini owners! Want to win a FREE oil change with CASTROL full synthetic, $75 value?? :Thumbsup:

    Show off your Mini, have some fun, and WIN! Here's how it works:

    1. Take an October-themed picture of your Mini with a creative caption. A sonnet? A limerick? A rap? A haiku? A knock-knock joke?? It's up to you!! Post it to our FB page and we will repost it HERE on our front page.

    2.Like our page (if you have not already) to post and vote (click here:

    3. The entry that gets the most LIKES will WIN!! :ihih:

    4. If there is a tie, Ferney's Lube and Auto will determine the winner.

    5. Winner will be chosen on HALLOWEEN!! :devil:

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