WMW Supercharger Belt Tensioner Bushings

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    Way Motor Works as seen many a failed drive belt tensioner bushings on the R52 and R53 Supercharged MINIs. The stock bushings on the belt tensioner shock are made of rubber and over time this rubber will dry out. Or if you have oil leak on them they swell up and come apart. MINI doesn't offer just these bushings causing you to have to buy an entire $200+ belt tensioner. So WMW set out for an affordable replacement. We found poly ones, but over time they also came apart. So the decision was made make our own. Therefore the WMW Delrin tensioner bushings were made. These are simple 2 piece bushings that directly replace the rubber bushings and reuse the steel center. They are made of a delrin plastic to make them last forever and not be effected by oil leaks or drying out like rubber.

    WMW Belt Tensioner Bushings

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