White Roof Woofcast #635: Everything Goes Sideways

Discussion in 'MINIs in Other Media' started by JoeClubman, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Last show of 2017! Full crew for you guys this week too. We get Gabe to tell us all about the Countryman PHEV and a few other thoughts comparing it to the (what else) Clubman. We do a Craigslist challenge in which Brian won with an electric Sentra, we laughed alot, told many jokes and Gabe was an astute professional. There is still a little bit of time to get over to one of the fine sponsors under the White Roof! CravenSpeed, OutMotoring, Detroit Tuned and Motoring Stripes. HURRY! And are you tired of not getting Black Roof Radio? You can join the club at Patreon! From the entire WRR Crew, we hope you have a great holiday and new year! *


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