World Micro/Mini Car Meet August 21,22

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    The first ever WORLD Micro and Mini Car event will be held in Autust 21st and 22nd in the Chicagoland area (Crystal Lake). The event has been 4 years in planning, and there will be some incredible small cars.

    The coolest part is in the late afternoon, when some owners get out and offer up short parking lot rides in their cars to anyone interested!!

    The Chicago MINI Motoring Club will be meeting ahead of time and doing a 20 mile scenic drive to arrive at the show en-mass.. Come on out and join us:
    Chicago MINI Motoring Club Archive Micro/Mini car World meet (08/21)

    Full World Micro/Mini car World Meet information is here:
    Microcar Minicar World Meet 2010

    Local microcar collectors and owner/curators of the Small Wonders Micro Car Museum, Ken & Sylvia Weger, along with three other couples, including Chicago MINI Motoring Club Vice President Arnie & Lena Press will be hosting the MICRO/MINI CAR WORLD MEET

    This will be the first ever WORLD MEET of its kind. Microcar and Minicar owners and their cars, will gather from all over the world to share their enthusiasm for these small wonders. The Weger's are expecting over 500 Micro and Mini cars. Those cars under 500cc are considered to be "Microcars", and those between 500-1500cc are considered "Minicars". Many marques are expected to fill the lush lawns surrounding the University Center. Vendors will provide food and beverages. Alongside the car show, workshops and classes/seminars are being planned.

    These tiny cars, known as “Bubble Cars”, evolved after WWII as European industries were starting back to work and began producing cars for the masses. They were underpowered and lightweight, sipping fuel to get over 70 miles per gallon. These microcars were capable of transporting families in relative comfort!

    Some of the more commonly known marques include:

    • Austin Mini (UK)
    • Citroën 2CV (France)- the Ugly Ducking
    • Crosley (USA)- ahead of its time in fuel economy
    • Fiat 500 (Italy)- Cinquecento many still in use today, 60 years after production began
    • Isetta (Italy & Germany)- one front mounted door that had room for two people
    • Messerschmitt (Germany)- tandem seating and airplane-type opening canopy for entry
    • Subaru 360 (Japan)- yes, the baby of the Subaru family
    • Velorex (Czech)- lightweight steel tube frame covered with vinyl fabric
    These microcars and many more will be on display at the Meet.
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    I've always loved the Isetta.



    ...maybe a souped up version...

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    Would love to go, but I'll be in San Diego. Some MINI mates are motoring up from STL.

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    Wish I could go.
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    Can't Wait

    Donna and I will be there, Dan and Becky, and we hope a few others.
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    There are several Micro cars that have made a journey from California to Chicago for the World Micro Car Meet this weekend..

    Check out the trip on Facebook..
    Welcome to Facebook

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