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Discussion in 'Tuning and Performance' started by TGS91, May 8, 2009.

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    Ok Guys,

    Got a 07' MCS with Sports Pkg, Convenience, Cold Weather, etc. Pretty loaded up

    Added the JCW suspension upgrade (struts/shocks/front and rear swaybars and lowered it 1" with new springs). Added the front strut bar for extra support and the results have been breathtaking

    Just ordered up a set of tires to replace the run flats with a set of 5Ziegen wheels.

    Ok suspension and tires, check

    Need to get a heat shield cause my hood scoop is staring to warp.

    After that I have to swap out the speakers cause they SUCK

    Next I want to start tweaking the performance of the drive train. Now I realize I'm nuts but at the same time I gotta mortgage to pay so I am looking for some sort of batting order to go at this to get the biggest bang for my modding dollar. So my question to you is. For a R56 what would you recomend?

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