WRC: Monte Carlo Rally chiefs under pressure to base event to Monaco in 2013

Discussion in 'Racing MINIs' started by Steve, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Given the excellent reasons for running most of the rally in France between Valence and Monaco, I have to wonder about the real motives behind pushing to focus on Monte Carlo itself as the center. To me it seems like orienting the discussion around the length of the rally is just an excuse and a red herring. I agree that it's chronologically too long. In fact, shortening it by one day isn't enough, they should cut two days and make it three days of concentrated stages like the others.

    On the other hand, if there are enough good roads closer to Monaco then fine, move away from Valence and concentrate the action. I get the feeling they're trying to get the focus on the glamor of Monte Carlo which, IMHO, is at best a ratings gimmick. Even if they start and finish in Monte Carlo and arrange things so crews and others can spend most of their time there, the vast majority of stage kilometers will still be run in France. You can't just move the Col du Turini...and that's only one of many examples.

    Base most of the rally where the roads and terrain and/or likely weather are most likely to provide the best competition and best chance for unpredictability. Run in and out of Monaco a few times and start and finish in Monte Carlo if that works well. If that means Monte Carlo is the best central point and base, fine, but don't orient the rally around an artificial center just because of the glamorous name.

    Monte Carlo Rally chiefs under pressure to base event to Monaco in 2013 (AUTOSPORT.com)

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