WTB: Stock airbox cover for '05-06 Cooper CVT

Discussion in 'Classifieds Archive' started by FUEGO, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Yesterday I discovered that the stock airbox cover on our 2005 MCC (R52) has two broken tabs and doesn't seal properly anymore. This is a really common problem with the design. Unfortunately the cover by itself isn't available from MINI unless I buy the entire airbox for $$$ :crazy: So I'm hoping one of you may have upgraded to an aftermarket CAI and may still have the stock airbox/cover on the shelf. I'm avoiding going the aftermarket CAI route as I'm trying to keep this car close to stock because it will be traded/sold when the new roadsters come out.

    This is for an '05 MCC with the CVT automatic transmission. The cover and the filter are rectangular - not sure if the airbox for the manual transmission is the same. There is another iteration of the filter and I believe the airbox cover too that is more of a polygon - and that won't work. The '06 should be exactly the same.

    Please PM if you might have one, or know where I can find an undamaged one.
    Duct tape is not the way I want to solve the problem for long :rolleyes:

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