All about MINI Are my car parts OEM, OES, Genuine, Aftermarket....or what??

Here at MiniMania we take pride in offering the very best part options for your beloved Classic Mini, New MINI, Spridget and Morris Minor. But...
By Minimania1 · Dec 19, 2019 ·
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    Here at Mini Mania we take pride in offering the very best part options
    for your beloved Classic Mini, New MINI, Spridget and Morris Minor. But where do all our parts and accessories come from?
    Which is better: OEM, OE, Genuine, Aftermarket?

    We understand that it can get a little confusing at times with all the different options out there so let us help you out with a quick Vocabulary Lesson that can help you choose the very best product for your car.

    Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM.)
    Original Equipment Suppliers (OES.)
    Original Equipment.


    • Original Equipment Suppliers (OES): is the current or a past manufacturer/supplier of original equipment for a particular part number for the factory made vehicle.
    • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): refers to parts built by the company that initially made the parts for the auto manufacturer.
    • Aftermarket: car parts that were never sold to the car manufacturer at the time the car was produced in the factory.
    • Genuine or Original Equipment (OE): are parts that are acquired directly from the factory.
    First of All, What's The Difference Between OES and OEM?

    It's important to underline the fact that OEM parts and OES parts are essentially the same thing, they just come in different boxes. But typically these parts are indistinguishable from one another when it comes to function and performance as they follow the exact specifications outlined by the vehicle's designer.

    OES (Original Equipment Suppliers)
    The factory part that you purchase from the dealer is actually a repackaged part from an external manufacturer. These parts are called Original Equipment Suppliers (OES).

    Car manufacturers typically don't manufacture the parts that go into the cars; they assemble the cars from parts made by outside companies so they subcontract out with many different manufacturers to supply parts for the car. So, an OES part is made by the current or a past manufacturer of original equipment for a particular part number.

    Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

    The term Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) refers to a part made by a manufacturer that has supplied some parts directly to the car maker for the assembly of their cars. Concurrently, they offer an exact-fit replacement part to companies other than the car maker.

    Most of the time, OEM parts are not branded by the Car Maker nor are they sold by the Car Maker- but they ARE original parts.

    How Does Genuine Differ from OEM or OES Parts?

    Genuine parts, sometimes referred to as OE (Original Equipment ) parts, are parts that are acquired directly from the car maker and is an auto component that was installed in your vehicle when the vehicle was first manufactured. All dealer-only parts are Genuine parts.

    These parts are the exact same products that you would get if you went to your local car dealer and ordered the part over the counter. These parts are typically more expensive than OEM parts because you are paying for the brand name. And in fact, Genuine parts sometimes have to be special ordered from the car manufacturer because there are not any located within the United States. The exception to this is if a local dealer happens to have an extra one stuffed on a shelf in the back room somewhere that has been sitting there for quite some time.

    These parts are also .

    OEM parts are just as reliable as Genuine parts and are not necessarily better than OEM or Aftermarket parts. They are just straight from the car maker's factory.

    What is an Aftermarket Part?

    An Aftermarket part is from a company that manufactures parts after the car has been sold, and they were never involved in the car's production. To make an Aftermarket Par, a company will buy the rights to make the part from the car maker. So, aftermarket suppliers will manufacture parts that are meant to be used as direct replacements for OEM or Genuine parts.

    In many cases, Aftermarket parts are of higher quality than the OEM or Genuine parts.

    If I Order an OEM Part, Will it be *Exactly* Like the Genuine Part or Accessory?

    parts are designed to be functionally equivalent to the Genuine (OE) parts. In some cases, the OEM part will be exactly like the Genuine with no visual or performance differences. In some cases, there may be slight cosmetic differences.

    The parts are the same, typically made in the same part factory, but sometimes one has part numbers and the other one doesn't.

    So, which part is the best for me to buy?

    It all depends on the part and your pocketbook. OEM parts are designed to be functionally equivalent to the Genuine (OE) parts so if you need a part that is instrumental in your car’s performance or to comply with a warranty, you may want to go with either the Genuine, OEM or OES parts. But remember, Aftermarket parts are made to the car maker's specifications, so if cost is an issue, perhaps an Aftermarket part will do.

    But when it comes down to it – it really depends on you.

    On Mini Mania, our Aftermarket parts are usually labeled as either Value Priced or Value Line. Parts labeled as OEM parts come from the Original Manufacturer and Genuine MINI Parts are from the Original Supplier or the car maker.

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