2nd Gen "How To" Front brake pad replacement (Gen2)

MINI Brake Pad Installation Changing your brake pads is a very rewarding DIY project. This tutorial focuses specifically on giving you the...
By RonsMinnie · Jan 30, 2018 ·
  1. RonsMinnie
    How To: Front brake pad replacement (Gen2)

    by Ron Pickett (aka RonsMinnie)

    Adapted from OctaneGuy’s Gen1


    This should be considered an addendum to the above guide; illustrations have changed for Gen2 MINIs.

    Remove the wheels.

    Remove Brake Hydraulic line from Strut clip.
    Note the narrower line to the left; this is the sensor line (see next step).

    Remove brake pad wear sensor line from strut clip – this is the electrical wire that signals when brake pads are worn.
    Note the brake fluid line clip to the right is already empty (hydraulic line removed in previous step).

    The Caliper is held on by two 16mm Bolts (top bolt touched – bottom bolt directly below).
    This view is from the back of the caliper.

    Remove the two 16mm Bolts – view from top of caliper.

    Have Resting Place for the Caliper Prepared.
    Do not hang by the lines!!
    I used a blue plastic crate.

    Lift out the brake sensor being careful with the cooper clip (it is easy to lose).
    On my Gen2 R55 only the driver’s side had the sensor.

    Lift out the old pads – move to center then lift out.

    Clean the Caliper Body.
    Get it ready for new pads (brake clean – small wire brush – shop rags).

    Inspect the Rotors.
    If they are in good shape -- i.e., are relatively smooth so do not need resurfacing -- sand the Rotors. I used Hawk Pads and Hawk recommends 130 grit paper.
    I started the engine and put car in 5th and let wheel rotate at idle.
    BE CAREFUL – Keep hands outside of rotors so that should something hang-up, you hand will be thrown away from the rotor!

    Sanding outer surface of rotor.

    Now clean rotors with soap and water.

    Modified Harbor Freight disk caliper tool.
    Circular hole is cut out to “U” Shape.
    Gen2 Calipers have a cross piece between the ends and the tool would
    not fit between as originally designed.

    Compress the caliper piston into the body.

    Place the new pads into the Caliper.
    Coat ends of pads and caliper piston with anti-squeal gel.

    Reconnect Brake Pad Sensor.
    Make sure copper clip is in place.

    Remount caliper with 16mm bolts (torque to 81 ft/lb) and place brake line and brake sensor lines in strut clips.

    Put the wheels on and go Motoring!
    -- but bed the pads in first!

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    Written by: RonsMinnie, Dec 26, 2009,

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