Autocrosser inside, finally moved from RSX-S to Cooper S

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  1. Spade

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    Jul 25, 2013
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    Sup guys, I was looking around for a Mini S about 2 years ago after having a mishap on road course with this RSX


    But didn't find the perfect Mini so I got this RSX


    Unfortunately it was stolen and wrecked a month ago.

    Also I have this Miata for AutoX. The RSX was competitive in STF class locally but was just frustrating to drive with unrelenting understeer and slim powerband.


    Well after passing on a very well priced (but out of my budget) JCW before the 2nd RSX I had to get one now.

    I found it to be very well optioned as that was the problem before (and RSX's have no options really) and have more options than I'd ever buy if I was getting a new one.


    I'm gonna do my research but I figure if it doesn't hurt I'll post my questions/concerns here.

    1. What did you guys tune your Mini with and how do you like it?
    I'm considering Alta Accessport. But I have to find a used one. (mine's an 09).

    2. What spring rates and alignment specs work well with this car?
    RSX was simple: 2X stiff in rear than front, 2X camber in front than rear, 2X toe out in front than rear given stock sway & strut bars.

    3. Do the JCW springs fit with stock strut housings? I would like to get Koni yellows and JCW springs similar to what I did with the Miata to keep it stock class legal(ish)

    4. What coilover options are preferred for autocrossers?
    I like the Fortune 500s the most so far. I don't think I'll run it competitively as I have the Miata but I want something good in case.

    5. Are there any inexpensive exhaust & 2nd cat delete combos that fit well?
    From my experience with the RSX, OBX is out.
    I was thinking this CNT exhaust
    [ame=""]CNT Racing Mini Cooper 2012 Coupe s R58 Catback Exhaust System | eBay[/ame]

    Alternatively it looks like I'd just spend the money and get Invidia
    [ame=""]2008 2013 Mini Cooper s Invidia Q300 Cat Back Exhaust System SS Muffler New Work | eBay[/ame]

    Thanks in advance
  2. fngolfer

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    Apr 1, 2012
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    Accessport gives the MINI a lot of low end torque. I love mine. Is a stiffer rear sway bar within the rules? It will make the car very neutral. I have a little camber and toe out up front and it really corners like a go cart. I also have the Invidia Q300 exhaust. Had to remove the crossmember under the car because the pipe would rub it. Also a little drowny on the freeway but I kinda like it. Find out if your car came with sport suspension. If it did, I don't think you need the JCW springs. Btw it should fit though. Good luck. Also get a heat shield to protect your hood scoop and the new heat shield to protect the the oil line going to the turbo. And a oil catch can to help keep those intake valves clean.
  3. Nathan

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    Welcome, thanks for joining Motoring Alliance, the FUN and Friendly MINI Community.
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    welcome to m/a
  5. Crashton

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    Welcome to M/A....
  6. Jason Montague

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    :cornut: Welcome to MA and congratulations on the R56.:Thumbsup:

  7. MCS02

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    Jul 31, 2009
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    Welcome to MA. Glad you got a mini.
  8. GreyLens

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    Welcome to M/A and congrats on autoxing a mini. I've been doing that for 3.5 years now and love it.

    The mod's you choose will determine the class you run in. Here's a link to a thread I'm working on to discuss running in SCCA D-Street Prepared class. It also has an entry that explains the new classes for 2014.

    Here's some short answers to your questions...full answers will take longer.

    1. I run an AccessPort Stage One Tune on my 2009 JCW. I love it. That will put you in D-STREET PREPARED class as a minimum. If so, my thread above should prove helpful. You'll also see a couple of threads on the subject from 2012 that rendered some great advice from the crowd here. Any direct change to boost levels via changes to the ECU will put you in DSP. Intercooler upgrades move you to SP as well. Otherwise you'll likely run in either D-Stock or STX.

    2. I have a pretty high end suspension solution which seems to work great. AST 5100's (rebound adjustable only), Swift Springs...70Nmm front and 60 Nmm rear (450-350 lb/in) which is kinda hefty but it still works ok for DDing...though my wife doesn't like it much. Plenty of info on this in older threads in the AutoCross section of MA. I run 2.5 to 2.8 neg camber in front (going back to 2.8 soon) and 1.8 in rear. I ran zero toe front and rear for awhile but went back to half the stock settings to give a little more stability on the highway. Inner tire wear hasn't been bad.

    3. Others can confirm but I believe the JCW springs do fit with the stock form factor so the Koni Yellows and spring combo should work.

    4. I know several folks who've used KW's, Cross's, and Jehlens.

    5. I've been pleased with my JCW exhaust. When I change it in a couple of years I'll likely do the Akrapovic...way pricey but good stuff, I think.

    Love for you to post your progress in the AutoCross section of the M/A!!!!

  9. Spade

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    Jul 25, 2013
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    Will check into the AX section momentarily

    Thanks for the warm welcome.
  10. Spade

    Spade Member

    Jul 25, 2013
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    BTW I had no intention of disclosing having a tune in stock class.

    Pretty unfair if you ask me, the JCW GP runs in DS just like a stock MCS. So I'll try to level the playing field on the downlow.
  11. mrntd

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    Welcome Aboard!

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